2Pac Handwritten Letter Case: Judge Tosses Madonna's Lawsuit

2Pac Handwritten Letter Case: Judge Tosses Madonna's Lawsuit

But now Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Gerald Lebovits has released the items citing the short statute of limitations. However, the singer wasn't expecting those items to be auctioned off.

Other items included in this collection were silk underwear belonging to the star and a hairbrush with strands of her hair. I never gave this letter away.

The 1995 letter, which was written by Tupac while in prison, was sent to Madonna in order to inform her that their relationship was ending because Tupac was anxious that dating a white woman could damage his reputation. The opening bid for Tupac's Madonna letter was $100,000 and it will be up for sale again in July.

In the letter Shakur wrote to the Queen of Pop in 1995, he blamed their breakup on society's perception of a black man dating an older white woman.

The auction contains a second letter, sent from Madonna to "J", in which she describes Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone as "horribly mediocre".

Whilst Gotta Have It! online auction house co-owner Ed Kosinski added: "It's a clear-cut victory for us". Perhaps with the controversy surrounding its sale, it might even catch a larger sum when it heads back to the auction block likely soon.

The judge also noted that Madonna lost her claim over the items in her employment termination agreement between herself and Darlene Lutz.

The items - including the letter - will go back up for sale in July.

"The fact that I have attained celebrity status as a result of success in my career does not obviate my right to maintain my privacy, including with regard to highly personal items", Madonna said in court papers.

On Monday (April 23), the NY judge presiding over the case ruled in favour of the auctioneers, saying the statute of limitations to recover her items had passed.

Manhattan judge ruled that an auction for it can proceed.

A lawyer for Madonna did not immediately return a message for comment.

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