Gmail snooze feature starts appearing on the Android app

Gmail snooze feature starts appearing on the Android app

Google launching a major revamp of its Gmail service today as part of a larger update to its G Suite productivity suite for enterprises.

Google has added nearly as many new security features, including new "phishing" protections to help address what it calls "business email compromise threats", in which someone spoofs an email address and tries to impersonate a colleague in order to steal company information. There's a new Confidential Mode, the ability to set expiration dates and passcodes for emails, and other advanced security features. Because you can require additional authentication via text message to view an email, it's also possible to protect data even if a recipient's email account has been hijacked while the message is active. Snooze is indeed included with this redesign, as is a new nudging feature that will prompt you to reply to emails that may have otherwise been forgotten. Confidential mode will begin to roll out to consumer Gmail users and a limited number of G Suite customers in the coming weeks.

High-priority notification is a feature for Gmail on mobile that only notifies users of important messages so interruptions are kept to a minimum. This is handy if you can't take action right away but you don't want to forget about it.

Email snoozing: This is one feature that is gaining a lot of attention these days-a lot of email services are now adopting. Let's take a look at the new features.

Detailed in Google's big writeup, here are a few of the changes you can look forward to in the redesign.

In an interview with The Verge, Gmail's lead product manager, Jacob Bank, indicated that the overhaul is meant to make people "safer and more productive", a remark seemingly geared toward business-oriented consumers. Not to be undone by others, email snoozing has now been integrated into Gmail.

Users will now be able to make their sent emails disappear form recipients inboxes in predetermined amounts of time, as well as send "confidential" emails whose contents can not forwarded, copied, printed or downloaded. For now, a few of the features, such as high-priority notifications and unsubscribe recommendations, should show up in your Gmail app. So, if you receive an email from someone who says they're sick, Gmail might recommend replying "I'm sorry to hear that" or "Is there anything I can do to help?" The Nudging feature proactively reminds users about following-up on or responding to potentially important messages.

The new features will first be delivered to G Suite via an early adopter program, with plans to expand to all Gmail users at a later date.

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