Armenian opposition leader Pashinyan officially nominated for PM

Armenian opposition leader Pashinyan officially nominated for PM

Protest leader Nikol Pashinian, a member of parliament who describes himself as "the people's choice", has said parliament should elect him prime minister next week.

Its statement also appeared to suggest that Putin wanted the next prime minister to come from the ruling party, which has been the focus of popular anger, saying he thought the crisis needed to be addressed on the basis of what he said were legitimate parliamentary elections in 2017.

At the rally, Pashinian told supporters to return to Yerevan's central Republic Square at 11 a.m. local time on May 1 in order to monitor the vote in parliament on large screens that will be set up overnight.

"I am sure that at least six people from the Republican Party - like rats from a sinking ship - would vote for Pashinyan", said analyst Ervand Bozoyan. Rallies continued as the opposition demands an interim prime minister, who will not be from the ruling party. The ruling Republican Party has 58 seats, Elk has nine seats, Dashnaktsutyun - seven seats, and the rest are controlled by the Tsarukyan bloc.

"I had a meeting with an official from Moscow and got reassurance that Russian Federation would not intervene in Armenia's internal affairs", Pashinyan told protesters gathered in Republic square in central Yerevan.

He pledged to do no "personnel purges" if he was elected prime minister.

Serzh Sarkisian, who became prime minister on April 17 after serving a decade as president in what was seen by opponents as a power grab, resigned on Monday after 10 days of protests.

Some analysts said they expected a number of Republican Party lawmakers to defect and give their votes to the protest leader, sealing his victory.

The situation in Armenia is awkward for the Russian leadership.

Armenia's National Assembly on Tuesday will vote for a new prime minister.

"We are not putting anyone forward in the state's interest".

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