Tesla's Elon Musk to take question from YouTube channel owner

Tesla's Elon Musk to take question from YouTube channel owner

"The company's success to date would not have been possible if the board was led by another director lacking Elon Musk's day-to-day exposure", the board wrote in its proxy statement.

Tesla stock was little changed after the earnings announcement but fell during a conference call, when Musk began cutting analysts' questions short, costing Tesla over $2 billion in market capitalisation.

In after-hours trading, as the call unfolded, Tesla stock dropped more than 5% in just 20 minutes, landing around $284.

Here are the five strangest moments from the call. "Boring, bonehead questions are not cool".

After the awkward dressing down of one analyst, Musk quickly shut down the next guy.

Tesla burned through $700 million in cash last quarter, but its production woes appear to be easing.

"We have temporarily dialled back automation and introduced certain semi-automated or manual processes while we work to eventually have full automation take back over", the company said.

"These questions are so dry".

Christian Stadler, of Warwick Business School, told Express.co.uk that, "if Tesla carries on the way it is going it will not survive, I think investors are right to be anxious".

What exactly Musk meant by "go to YouTube" wasn't at all clear.

Russell's videos include one titled "Why I Bought Tesla Today At $255/Share".

JPMorgan cut Tesla's price target to US$180 from US$185 after the call with Musk. A few days earlier, Russell tweeted at Musk, asking him to "give retail investors a voice".

Russel, a Musk acolyte, asked the bulk of the final questions.

- Tesla's self-driving ride-sharing efforts. Despite where it will be constructed, the Model Y "will be an assembling transformation", said Musk. When it'll come on the market depends on regulatory approval.

In response to the proposal, the company's board recommended not to vote for replacing Musk with an independent director. According to a leaked email from Musk to his employees, the shutdown of the Model 3 line in April involved the installation of a "comprehensive set of upgrades" that would enable Tesla to hit a production rate of 3,000 Model 3 per week.

"Thanks for the great questions", Musk said at the end of their exchange.

Express.co.uk has approached Tesla for comment.

He claimed that "people might actually turn it off and then die" because of the stories following two fatal crashes of Teslas on autopilot this year.

Tesla's Autopilot feature is not fully autonomous.

He then took several questions in a row about plans for a self-driving auto network and other long-term projects from the host of a YouTube channel focused on investing, praising the questions as not boring.

"I'm just wondering why that isn't a moat", he said, according to the rough transcript.

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