Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball - Cavaliers News, Scores, Stats, Rumors & More

Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball - Cavaliers News, Scores, Stats, Rumors & More

If Drake does start taunting members of the Cavaliers during Game 2 on Thursday, he'll have to come up with some respectful insults. A writer for the Toronto Star claimed to have heard Drake shout other obscenities at Perkins.

The Raptors lost the game by a single point, 113-112, and also lost the second in their playoff series 128-110, leaving them needing to win four of their five remaining games.

According to the NBA's Fan Code of Conduct, the league is "committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable sports & entertainment experience".

Canadian rapper Drake has been given a warning by the National Basketball Association over bad language, according to ESPN.

The Canadian rapper, real name Aubrey Drake Graham, at halftime of game one overheard Perkins talking trash to Raptors player Serge Ibaka. In the clip below, Drake can be heard saying "I never said that shit".

The pair exchanged words as the Raptors and Cavaliers headed to the tunnels at halftime. "I mean, really. If he leaves me alone, I'll leave him alone, and that's all there is". Based on just the first game, and the Drake vs. Perkins near-fight, this series will probably have plenty more drama on the way for fans.

"'I'm fine. What's he going to do?,' said Perkins, who stands 6'10" and weighs 270 lbs, with a smirk.

The Cleveland Cavaliers hold a 1-0 lead heading into tonight's game two match-up in Toronto.

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