Jeff Sessions: Parents and Children Illegally Crossing the Border Will Be Separated

Jeff Sessions: Parents and Children Illegally Crossing the Border Will Be Separated

Beauregard SessionsWhite House steps up efforts to confirm Central Intelligence Agency director Sentencing reform is moving in the wrong direction We should oppose Gina Haspel's Central Intelligence Agency nomination because of her torture record MORE on Monday is reportedly set to announce that the administration will increase its prosecution of parents crossing the USA border illegally, in the hope it will convince people to avoid making the trek for fear they will be separated from their children.

He is expected to discuss immigration during a news conference there with with Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan.

"People are not going to caravan or otherwise stampede our border".

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the US will take a stricter stance on illegal crossings at the Mexico border by separating parents from children, rather than keeping them together in detention centers.

Immigration advocates have said that separations of children from parents have been happening for months.

"If you smuggle illegal aliens across our border, then we will prosecute you", the attorney general flatly stated. However, the Homeland Security official told the LA Times that under the new rule, parents will face prosecution while their children are taken to a separate facility.

The attorney general said he has sent 35 prosecutors to that region to work on those cases. "But we can not take everyone on this planet who is in a hard situation".

According to CNN, the national security secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, approved a new policy on Friday (to be unveiled on Monday) where anyone caught illegally crossing the border will be immediately processed. "We need legality and integrity in our immigration system", he continued.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions put the migrant caravan on notice Monday.

Considering that the rates of illegal crossing across the border have already dropped during the Trump Administration, this new measure only seeks to continue to establish fear and terror in the shoes of so many immigrants who desperately seek to save their lives and those of their children when crossing the border "illegally".

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