North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visits China in 3rd trip overseas

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visits China in 3rd trip overseas

Kim made his maiden foreign tour by travelling to Beijing by train in March during which the two countries sought to reinforce their close ties as the North Korean dictator warmed up to Trump agreeing to meet the main U.S. demand to abandon the nuclear programme. Then Kim's jet and a North Korean cargo plane were spotted at an airport near the city.

Under such circumstances, Kim, chairman of the North's State Affairs Commission, paid a visit to China only 40 days after his last trip to Beijing - which was also his first - in late March.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday that the dictator had travelled to northern China to hold talks with president Xi Jinping.

Trump said: 'I will be speaking to my friend, President Xi of China, this morning at 8:30.

Kim and Xi spoke about a wide range of issues.

President Donald Trump said earlier that Pompeo was on his way to North Korea in a surprise visit.

Kim met with the Chinese leader Monday and today in Dalian, China, according to state news agency Xinhua. "Together, they also took a stroll and attended a luncheon", the state-run agency reported.

In a cordial and friendly atmosphere, the two leaders had an all-round and in-depth exchange of views on China-North Korea relations and major issues of common concern, it said. "And that's what worries me - is that all of a sudden, if it is a meeting between the two leaders, both of whom have a tendency to kind of say exactly just what the latest thing is on their minds, I do think there needs to be a lot of preparation". As with the previous Xi-Kim meeting, there was no advance notice given, and the visit was only confirmed after Kim had left. So, it has been suggested that he may take part in the opening ceremony of swimming test built at the shipyards of Dalian of the first completely Chinese aircraft carrier.

As Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe welcomes top leaders from both China and South Korea to Tokyo for the first time in seven years, he has been presented with an awkward agenda item: North Korea.

According to Xinhua, Kim repeated his commitment to denuclearization, with the usual caveats in place: "As long as relevant parties abolish their hostile policies and remove security threats against the DPRK, there is no need for the DPRK to be a nuclear state and denuclearization can be realized, he [Kim] said".

Trump broke the news on Tuesday at the White House as he announced that the USA is withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal - noting that Pompeo has meetings set up in North Korea and should be landing within an hour.

Kang told South Korean broadcaster KBS that it would be "diplomatically unthinkable" for there to be a delay.

Trump and Kim are expected to meet later this month or early in June for talks that would have been almost unthinkable a year ago, when the two mercurial leaders were trading barbs and Pyongyang tested a barrage of missiles.

The young leader stirred up tensions on the Korean Peninsula with his nuclear weapons testing and purging of several key officials close to Beijing, including his uncle, Jang Song Thaek.

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