Amazon Go Expands to Chicago and San Francisco

Amazon Go Expands to Chicago and San Francisco

Amazon Go is the online retail pioneer's attempt to reinvent the physical store with the same mindset that brought one-click shopping to the internet.

This great store is now coming to serve the shoppers at San Francisco and Chicago as well.

Amazon is opening additional Amazon Go locations in Chicago and San Francisco as the company expands its cashier-less grocery store concept across the nation. When they arrive, they use the app to enter the store, "then feel free to put your phone away - you don't need it to shop".

Now there is only one Amazon Go store: a small space located in the base of one of its Seattle skyscrapers that opened to the public in January. Overhead cameras keep track of what people buy before their payment method is charged.

The technology used by them can be termed as an intelligent one. Amazon Go's systems automatically debit their accounts for the items they take, sending the receipt to the app.

The Seattle stores sells ready-made sandwiches, salads and other lunch items as well as drinks, desserts and snacks.

It serves as a remarkably fast in-and-out experience for those looking to quickly grab and go. There are no checkout lines and no checkout counters, though staff hover helpfully to aid new customers who are hesitant about how it all works. Remember the Amazon Go store in Seattle? It now has 15 across the nation, with three more coming. There are still no more announcements about when future stores will be ready for the general public, but real-estate tracker Curbed has hunted down the locations selected by Amazon. This time, it'll be to mock the company for understanding so little about the context in which their poll is released.

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