Explosion being probed as intentional

Explosion being probed as intentional

An explosion that rocked a Southern California medical workplace constructing on Tuesday, killing a lady and injuring three different individuals, is being investigated as intentional and investigators consider the blast could have come from a bundle, a USA official informed The Related Press. He said that any blast of such magnitude would be investigated as suspicious. Investigators said they hadn't yet located an explosive device and were searching through debris.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives responded to the incident.

By mid-afternoon, officials said they did not believe there was any further threat to the community.

Associated Press writer Michael Balsamo in Los Angeles contributed to this report.

The blast reportedly blew siding of the walls of a medical office building, exposing insulation and framing as well as damaging a first floor suite.

Mary McWilliams of San Clemente tells the Orange County Register that she saw two women with burns stagger out of the building.

A third person suffered smoke inhalation, fire officials said. The building sits in the shadow of the 73 toll road, which cuts through south Orange County, and across the street from a day-care center.

The fire at the building at 11 Mareblu - an outpatient medical clinic - was quickly doused following the roughly 1:10 p.m. explosion, but hazardous materials officials and bomb squad investigators were at the scene trying to assess the situation and ensure there was no further danger, Orange County Fire Authority Capt.

Shorly after the blast, Mary McWilliams of San Clemente arrived for an appointment to find smoke surrounding the area and vehicle alarms going off.

McWilliams said she saw two burned women staggering out of the building, covered in ash and soot. McWilliams says one woman had skin peeling on her arm. All were taken to a hospital, she added. Tony Bommarito and sheriff's officials said later that was not the case.

He said buildings in the area had been damaged by the blast. The cause of the blast is being investigated.

In this photo taken from video provided by KABC-TV, children are evacuated from a preschool across the street from a building that was rocked by an explosion in Aliso Viejo, Calif., Tuesday afternoon, May 15, 2018. The children were reunited with their parents at a nearby Target parking lot. Aliso Viejo is about 50 miles southeast of Los Angeles. The woman who died was inside the building when the blast occurred.

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