Palestinians wounded in Gaza protests

Palestinians wounded in Gaza protests

Tear gas canisters are used by Israeli troops on Palestinian demonstrators during riots on the Israel-Gaza border, June 8, 2018.

Palestinian officials and rights groups have criticized the Israeli military for using deadly force against largely unarmed protesters.

Israel said it was defending the frontier against crowds that threw stones and burned tyres in an attempt to cross.

After Friday prayers, thousands of Gaza residents streamed toward five protest tent camps that had been erected more than two months ago, each several hundred meters (yards) from the fence. Of 620 people wounded, 120 were from live fire, they said.

Israeli aircraft on Saturday launched an attack on Gazans preparing incendiary balloons as part of the Hamas-led March of Return protests along the border with Israel.

The United States shifted its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem in May on the 70th anniversary of the creation of Israel, in a move met with condemnation from the Palestinians and many of Washington's worldwide allies.

Palestinians have been taking part in weekly March of Return protests against what they say is the Israeli occupation of their land for two months now.

"We are confronting a football terror from the Palestinian Football Association and its president (Rajoub)", he said, accusing them of "threatening football players (against) coming to Israel".

Mansour said the USA veto triggered the request and that Friday's violence "adds to our argument and to the urgency of providing global protection" to Palestinian civilians.

Israeli drones reportedly dropped what locals said were firebombs along the borderlines in the south-eastern Gaza Strip on Friday morning.

Messi is wildly popular in the occupied Palestinian territories and in Gaza, where kids parade around in his jerseys like so many other places in the world.

Al-Qedra denounced Israeli army soldiers who fired tear gas against ambulances trying to help the wounded east of Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip while protest organisers put the number of demonstrators at 10,000.

Although the stadium that was slated to host the match is in west Jerusalem, Rajoub had complained that it is situated in a neighbourhood built on the site of a former Palestinian village destroyed during the war surrounding Israel's creation in 1948.

Dawood Shihab, spokesman for the Islamic Jihad in Gaza, thanked thousands of global protesters for showing their solidarity with the Palestinians, adding that the marches are peaceful and will continue at whatever the price.

Following a request by the Palestinians earlier today (Saturday) to hold an emergency meeting at the UN's General Assembly over what they are calling "an excessive use of force" by Israel, the United Nations is scheduled to vote as early as this Wednesday on a resolution on Gaza that will condemn Israel.

Israel has long refused to admit Palestinian refugees, saying they belong in a future Palestinian state.

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