European Union will act against USA tariffs on steel, aluminum: Merkel

European Union will act against USA tariffs on steel, aluminum: Merkel

Merkel's comments come after a weekend of tense diplomacy in Canada, where Trump did not endorse the G7 communique.

"There were strong debate and disagreement on some issues, but after detailed discussions between both leaders and our teams we were able to find common ground and draw up a communique which reflected these discussions and the agreements we reached", May said at a parliament session.

Her fists planted on the table, she looms above an apparently nervous Mr Trump.

Jeremy Corbyn said Donald Trump was to blame for the summit's "failure".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel looks towards US President Donald Trump, who arrived late for the Gender Equality Advisory Council working breakfast on the second day of the G7 Summit on June 9, 2018 in Quebec City, Canada. But Trudeau had simply reiterated points he'd made before: that Canada planned dollar-for-dollar retaliatory tariffs in response to Trump's new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.

Multilateral action was needed to prevent "tit-for-tat" reprisals, she said, adding that the concerns of countries about unfair trade practices must be "addressed not ignored".

Trans-Atlantic and other trade wars would have "a long-term impact on the global economy", he said at a Berlin meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and leaders of the IMF, World Bank and other worldwide institutions.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel found the contentious Group of Seven summit with U. S.

Trump's tweets appeared to single out Trudeau, alleging he was "very dishonest & weak" in a series of Twitter posts as he backed out of the joint statement on fair trade, saying it should now be called "fool trade".

Other G-7 countries lobbied unsuccessfully at the summit for the reverse its tariffs on imported steel and aluminum imports. The official said disagreements remain, particularly with the USA on a number of issues, but the goal remains to reach agreement on all the big issues. "Sometimes I get the impression that the US president believes that only one side wins and the other loses".

Berlin, Germany―World Trade Organization chief Roberto Azevedo warned Monday against a damaging "escalation" of trade tensions between the United States and other major economies, following a divisive G7 summit.

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