Microsoft acquires a whole bunch of game studios

Microsoft acquires a whole bunch of game studios

We did not get to see any Halo Infinite gameplay during the E3 reveal, but you can count on a FPS style game.

Last week, Ubisoft founder Yves Guillemot said that the ability to play games on essentially anything with a display by streaming the game from a server was going to reshape the entire face of gaming. Retailers are not wasting any time to offer pre-orders for the just-announced titles.

Microsoft announced that they are increasing their share in the gaming industry by doubling their game development studios.

Microsoft's executive president of gaming Phil Spencer says a gaming service accessible from any device is on the cards.

There's been no fighting game specific cues as of yet and it's wholly possible that we won't see any directly FGC-related content in today's conference, but the well is deep and the possibilities are endless.

USA software giant Microsoft announced Sunday the acquisition of five game studios to bolster the development of its original gaming content for its Xbox One console. The game is confirmed for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It is headed by renowned game designer Darrell Gallagher.

The announcement was made by Microsoft ahead of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018, the world's leading video game show, that is scheduled to held at the Los Angeles Convention Centre from June 12-14. Both of these companies have been working together since 2000.

Playground Games, started in 2010, is the developer behind the Forza racing series and has been a long-time Xbox partner.

The game, "Forza Horizon 4", is set in the United Kingdom and will feature game play during the four seasons, created to make the driving experience radically different even in the same landscape.

While Microsoft may have been founded as being a software company, there is no question about it that they are a hardware company too. But Microsoft does have one particular type of resource others lack, and that's cloud services of its own and a strong team of engineers. The game already has over two million players. If a new report is to be believed, Halo Infinite will be launched with the single-player mode only. We are thrilled to welcome five new studios into the Microsoft family.

"We are now at a moment of exceptional creativity in gaming", said Spencer.

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