Photos show NK building new ICBM near Pyongyang

Photos show NK building new ICBM near Pyongyang

Mr Trump later said North Korea was "no longer a nuclear threat".

What do the latest reports say?

However, while US intelligence agencies agree that the Kangson site is used to enrich uranium, not all European intelligence officials are so sure.

A new report indicates that North Korea is building new possible intercontinental ballistic missiles despite Kim Jong Un's denuclearization agreement from his summit with President Donald Trump.

The Rodong Sinmun reported Tuesday the new dining destination along the North Korean capital's Taedong River includes an area for indoor fishing. The Post cited "intelligence gathered by USA agencies" as evidence that North Korean officials planned to try to fool the making a show out of destroying 20 nuclear warheads while they kept dozens. This intelligence has been backed up by satellite images that appear to show activity at a known uranium-enrichment facility. But his comment seemed at odds with his own secretary of state, Mike Pompeo who said any such step would have to be confirmed by global inspectors and that North Korea continued to produce fuel for nuclear weapons despite Kim's pledge to denuclearize.

"We see them going to work, just as before", one United States official told the newspaper.

The Post mentioned that workers were seen dismantling an engine test stand at the Sohae Satellite Launching Station on the North's west coast, but noted that many experts see it as a symbolic gesture as Pyongyang has successfully launched ICBMs that use the kind of liquid-fueled engines tested at Sohae.

Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, argued to the Post that the Trump administration's understanding of the regime has been entirely backward.

"Offer up 20 first-gen warheads, claim you are or have disarmed, but keep the good stuff in presumably clandestine facilities and hope they aren't discovered", Narang said.

But the actual details of the process, including how and when the North's nuclear programme is to be dismantled, have yet to be worked out.

She also discussed North and South Korea relations during the visit, as well as regional issues and the performance of Indonesia's police in countering militancy.

The Washington Post reported on Monday that U.S. intelligence agencies are seeing signs that work is under way on one or two liquid-fueled ICMBs at the Sanumdong research facility, according to officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "They are negotiating for recognition of their nuclear weapons".

At the Singapore summit in June, Kim agreed in a vaguely worded joint statement to "work toward" the "denuclearization" of the Korean Peninsula.

The U.S., he added, has "to know what they have before talking about caps and arms control".

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