Variety Of Voices, Opinions Heard At Trump Rally, Protest

Variety Of Voices, Opinions Heard At Trump Rally, Protest

"You know, I live a lot of time in Florida", Trump said.

A White House spokesman did not immediately respond to questions from the Associated Press about when the president last bought groceries or anything else himself.

Trump also criticized Democrats who oppose his nominee for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, and said voters need to elect more Republicans.

"Don't forget, you have somebody - one of the [groups] - is going to be running on open borders, anti-ICE, anti-law enforcement", Trump added.

"By the way, outside, if you want to go, we set up for the first time a tremendous movie screen, because we have thousands and thousands of people outside that couldn't get in." .

Scott didn't joined Trump at the rally but appeared with him at an earlier roundtable event. The contest is the latest GOP primary into which Trump has injected himself, having previously helped candidates in Georgia, Alabama and SC with endorsements that have helped set the stage for the fall elections.

Trump is praising DeSantis as "a tough, brilliant cookie" and predicts: "He's going to be your next governor".

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam went on Fox News on Wednesday trying to tamp down enthusiasm for U.S. Rep Ron DeSantis, his opponent for Florida governor in the GOP primary.

He says he wants Trump "to see that not everyone believes in what he does here in Florida".

Putnam attempted to tap into the president's technical training agenda, even though he wasn't part of Trump's agenda.

"In this country the only time you don't need it in many cases is when you want to vote for a president, when you want to vote for a senator, when you want to vote for a governor or a congressman", Trump continued.

Florida GOP candidate Ron DeSantis released a new campaign ad on Monday showcasing his child's ability to build a wall.

Well, that's just "huge", but mispronounced by Mr President on several occasions.

"I'll go six or seven days a week when we're 60 days out, and I will be campaigning for all of these great people that do have a hard race, and we think we're going to bring them over the line", Trump told Hannity. In June, he'd warned Iran was taking over Iraq "and they're taking it over bigly".

Trump railed against the idea of allowing noncitizens to vote in some elections and said only citizens should vote.

THE FACTS: No photo is required to purchase items at retail stores with cash or to make routine purchases with credit or debit cards. "But we are turning it around".

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