The Bachelorette Finale: Becca Has to Choose Between Blake and Garrett

The Bachelorette Finale: Becca Has to Choose Between Blake and Garrett

On the finale episode of The Bachelorette 2018, Becca Kufrin said her relationship with Blake Horstmann had been special to her throughout the season. The Bachelorette was forced to discuss politics. The story dominated press coverage of this season not just because the memes were particularly hateful and gross - including anti-immigrant jokes, fat-shaming memes, transphobic memes, and a post suggesting the Parkland students are crisis actors - but because this seemed to put Garrett on the opposite end of the political spectrum from Becca, a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Since he was still on the show as it was airing at the time, he couldn't give any interviews defending himself, so Becca had to do it for him. Blake was left heartbroken when Becca dumped him during the August 6 finale of The Bachelorette. "My personality. The fact that I actually can speak". Becca says that she loves both Blake ("Our hearts just recognize each other") and Garrett ("It's been slower") and can't wait to introduce them to her family, an assortment of which have been flown to the Maldives to vet Becca's boyfriends. But please never ever mention anything to do with actual political opinions. However, Kufrin and Yrigoyen actually went a different route.

The 28-year-old Minnesota publicist gushed of her current fiance, "We're ready to be done".

If your partner tends to be anxious or suffers from an anxiety disorder, there are a few things you can do to help them. "Some stuff came out about my social media, and I didn't realize the effect behind a double tap or a like on Instagram. I didn't mean to hurt anybody's feelings or do anything like that, so I stand by everything that I posted in my apology", he said on the aftershow.

Yrigoyen reiterated his apology and said he is "just trying to grow as a person and be a better person on a daily basis". "When I found out where we were going for the finale [the Maldives] and knew how hot it was going to be, it was just ideal", the stylist explained. "But I just want to move forward and to learn and to grow and to continue to educate ourselves".

Kufrin said she doesn't condone the "Instagram situation".

Yrigoyen then got down on one knee and popped the question, which Kufrin accepted. "I know he stands by his apology, and he feels so bad for everyone that he did offend". Maybe if things don't work out with Yrigoyen, there's still a shot for these two ...? Or maybe they "got through it" with Kufrin saying, "Oh, I'm sure you didn't mean it", and Yrigoyen replying, "Yeah babe, no way!" and then they high-fived each other.

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"We've been honest and open and transparent with one another since the beginning". Its response was to reframe the entire scandal as an easily surmountable obstacle in the path of a nice romantic relationship.

"Me preparing to watch the #BacheloretteFinale knowing good and well Becca is probably about to pick Garrett and I'm going to be mad", one viewer tweeted. For the show, Garrett's social-media behavior is not a problem because it "offended" people, and it's certainly not a problem because it espouses nauseating, false, and dehumanizing political stances.

Becca looked over at Garrett expectantly.

"She's helping me through everything", he said.

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