Trump would fight any U.S. special counsel subpoena in court: president's lawyer

Trump would fight any U.S. special counsel subpoena in court: president's lawyer

US President Donald Trump admitted Sunday that his son met with a Russian lawyer in Trump Tower in 2016 "to get information on an opponent" but defended it as "totally legal".

"Fake News reporting, a complete fabrication, that I am concerned about the meeting my wonderful son, Donald, had in Trump Tower", the president tweeted. This is not a routine thing politicians do to get information on their opponents. So at first the White House and Donald Trump Jr. claimed that that meeting at Trump Tower was just about adoptions.

Emails released by Trump Jr also suggest the meeting was about getting negative information to use against Clinton in the campaign.

On Sunday, US media including the Washington Post, CNN and AP reported that Mr Trump was anxious Donald Trump Jr could be in legal trouble because of the 9 June 2016 meeting with Ms Veselnitskaya. His newest tweet is the closest he has come to admitting the meeting's goal was to seek dirt on Clinton from the Russians.

GREENE: So has President Trump changed the story of this meeting?

It's been awhile, so let's check in on the Twitter account belonging to President Donald Trump's personal attorney, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The U.S. intelligence community, members of Congress in both parties and even Trump have acknowledged that Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 presidential election.

The New York Times reported last month that Mueller has been reviewing Trump's tweets as part of his probe into whether the President obstructed justice. That happens when you have cases like this, said Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow on ABC's This Week. "You know that's not the premise that got them in the room and then they started it was essentially a bait and switch to talk about that, and everyone has basically said that in testimony already".

It is common for U.S. politicians to research their opponents during a campaign.

Donald Trump has not directly referenced the Trump Tower meeting since his tweets this weekend.

A senior Republican lawmaker on Sunday urged Trump to acknowledge to Americans that Russia's interference in USA elections is still a threat, something Moscow denies.

The negotiations come amid a backdrop of Trump's escalating attacks on the probe, including his blunt declaration that his attorney general should terminate "right now" the federal probe into the campaign that took him to the White House, a newly fervent attack on the special counsel investigation that could imperil his presidency. Trump's lawyers - who are not in favor of any interview despite the President saying he wants to set the record straight with special counsel - are seeking to limit the interview to collusion topics.

On what is wrong with this meeting: My problem with all of this, it takes me back to the Clinton years, my problem is okay he may not have committed any crimes that's fine and if he hasn't we should say that.

Meanwhile, Trump has been told by aides and lawyers to stop tweeting because he's he's setting himself up for a disaster.

Despite a show of force from his national security team this week as a warning against future Russian election meddling, Trump again deemed the matter a "hoax" this week. "They can also cause War!"

So today's breathless headlines are, as the Powerline blog's Paul Mirengoff called them, "fake news".

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