Liberal leadership crisis: Peter Dutton attempts second strike on Malcolm Turnbull's leadership

Liberal leadership crisis: Peter Dutton attempts second strike on Malcolm Turnbull's leadership

The West Australian is locked in a three-way contest with senior colleagues Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison for the Liberal leadership.

The lack of her support in her home State comes despite a Roy Morgan poll of 2000 people conducted via SMS overnight showing Ms Bishop enjoying a huge lead over Opposition Leader Bill Shorten in the latest snap leadership poll.

Turnbull said as soon as the names were confirmed, a meeting to decide the leadership would be called.

Even those in Mr Dutton's camp were unwilling to say they had enough votes to force the spill and the Prime Minister has not yet received the letter, which still remains unsighted.

Mr Dutton remains the firm favourite to emerge from the midday party room meeting with the support of the majority of his colleagues, with Scott Morrison a slim outside chance to slip through and Julie Bishop with least support.

"I'm not here to run a campaign for Peter Dutton", he said.

The Liberal party is the senior partner in the ruling conservative coalition that will face an election by May 2019.

For Dutton it meant he only need to secure another seven votes before he challenged Turnbull again and would this time, with history on his side, win.

"I do not believe in that".

No Australian prime minister has lasted a full three-year term since Prime Minister John Howard lost power in 2007 after more than 11 years in office.

Many Liberal MPs openly admit they don't have a clue about who will be the prime minister and leader of their party by early afternoon.

"If I was putting my hat on, I would ensure that Julie Bishop was elected prime minister and Scott Morrison was deputy and retain the treasury for consistency's sake", Mr Kennett told Melbourne radio station 3AW.

Will convene a party room meeting once he receives a letter with a majority of MP signatures requesting one.

"And amazed that the party would think it was a good idea to replace the Prime Minister, who is running a good government, creating jobs, balancing the budget and no-one has yet given a reason", Mr Pyne told Channel Nine.

Another Turnbull supporter, Darren Chester, apologised to voters and said they "deserve better than numerous things our Federal Parliament has served up in the past 10 years".

"Given that today the subject of a member's eligibility was raised in question time and in media reports, I determined to seek advice from the solicitor-general on the issues raised", Mr Porter said in a statement issued just as word spread of the petition.

Dutton and his camp, including former prime minister Tony Abbott who once described climate change as "absolute crap", have also made clear keeping power prices down was more important than meeting Canberra's commitment to slash carbon emissions by 26% by 2030.

Dutton has released legal advice that his family's ownership of two child-care centers that received federal funding does not breach a constitutional ban on lawmakers having a pecuniary interest in an agreement with the public service.

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