Homeless man sues couple who raised $400,000 for him

Homeless man sues couple who raised $400,000 for him

McClure, in return, created a GoFundMe campaign with her boyfriend 35-year-old Mark D'Amico to raise money for Bobbitt to thank him.

Johnny Bobbitt received a haircut due to the generosity of Kate McClure, who raised more than $360,000 after Bobbitt helped her on the side of the road.

Bobbitt says he has received $75,000, which was spent mostly on a camper and SUV, while McClure and D'Amico say they gave him around $200,000.

Bobbitt, a former Marine and first responder, spent his last $20 to help McClure buy gas after her vehicle broke down on the I-95 exit ramp near Philadelphia.

More than 14,000 people have made donations.

On Thursday, New Jersey Superior Court Judge Paula T. Dow ordered McClure and D'Amico to surrender the funds within 24 hours to an account controlled by Bobbitt's pro bono attorneys until the court could determine how to allocate the money to Bobbitt. "He didn't have any ability to take care of himself there".

An injunction application filed by Cozen O'Connor law firm on Tuesday alleges McClure and D'Amico have mismanaged the funds, as well as committed fraud and conspiracy.

She also demanded the couple hire a forensic accountant to review their financial records within 10 days, to see if they had a hand in depleting Bobbitt's donations.

Earlier this month, he told the Philadelphia Inquirer earlier he was back to living on the streets, and believes the couple spent the remaining funds on themselves.

Officials say the couple had mixed the GoFundMe money with their own.

"My clients tried to help [Bobbitt]", Badway said in court Thursday.

But then the story soured with accusations of mismanagement and outright theft of the money raised on Bobbitt's behalf.

Bobbitt dropped out of rehab in the winter when D'Amico, a carpenter, began working on a new job and was not able to drive him to the center every day, Badway said. "I didn't want to be pressuring to get a lawyer or do anything because I didn't want to seem ungrateful", Bobbitt told Philadelphia TV station ABC6 after the ruling. "It's going to come down to a demonstration of all the money and where the money went". He told The Inquirer the $AU34,000 given to him by the couple in December was given to family members, and a "small amount" was spent on drugs.

But Mr Bobbitt became homeless again after Mr D'Amico told him in June that he had to leave the property.

When the scandal broke, the couple said they were anxious about giving Bobbitt the money because he might use it to buy drugs.

The couple also bought Bobbitt a camper with some of the funds and parked it on land McClure's family owns in Florence.

A New Jersey judge has ruled a homeless vet from North Carolina should get the $400,000 a couple raised in his name with a GoFundMe campaign, and they must turn it over Friday afternoon, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. And within 13 days, D'Amico said on "Megyn Kelly Today", Bobbitt had blown through it.

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