Most US cell phones to receive 'Presidential Alert' text on Wednesday

Most US cell phones to receive 'Presidential Alert' text on Wednesday

The message will be broadcast by cell towers for 30 minutes, so it's possible some people may get it later than 2:18 p.m. Here's what you need to know about these "presidential" alerts. "No action is needed".

The message will be the first ever test of Wireless Emergency Alerts, or "Presidential Alert" system.

In Saginaw County, 12 p.m. Wednesday is also the monthly test of the local alert system. Systems are activated differently and with separate, specific sets of criteria, Warstler said.

The buzz and tone have the same feel and sound as those used for the Amber and weather alerts.

The date is the backup date after the initial test was scrubbed on September 20 due to response efforts to Hurricane Florence.

Find out more on the FEMA website. Future text alerts could be used to inform Americans how to find their designated Trump Radioactivity Fallout Camps and where to collect their delicious Trump Steak, Trump Water, and Trump Potassium Iodide rations. In a real situation, a president could use the system to warn Americans of a crisis. Those who did not receive the message may have been on a phone call or had their phone turned off, for example.

FEMA officials use a device that's "very similar to a laptop computer", the senior FEMA official said. "Alerts are rare, but can happen locally, statewide, or nationally". The system requires passwords and the text will be "checked by two people before that message is sent".

WEA: The WEA delivers alerts to cell phones. FEMA has an agreement with over 100 cellphones carriers that allows the agency to send messages to their subscribers.

A message box will appear on phones with a loud tone and vibration, similar to the alert cellphones receive for Amber Alerts, extreme weather and other threatening emergencies.

What about the other screens in my life?

"We don't want Tennesseans to be surprised when they see, or hear, the alert on television or radio, and also receive it on their mobile devices".

A "Presidential Alert" sent to wireless phones and across the EAS would be issued in the event of an actual national emergency, such as a declaration of war or coordinated terrorist attacks, as determined by the president or the president's designee.

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