Everyone’s making UB40 jokes thanks to a story about Brett Kavanaugh

Everyone’s making UB40 jokes thanks to a story about Brett Kavanaugh

The New York Times said Tuesday that it should not have assigned a New York Times Magazine writer who had openly criticized Brett Kavanaugh to report a news story about the Supreme Court nominee. That's not illegal, but it's the small matter of the alleged sexual assaults that is the problem.

She is one of three women to make sexual misconduct allegations against the judge.

According to a report in the New York Times, the fight began when, after going to see a UB40 concert in 1985, Kavanaugh and his friends mistook a man in a CT bar for the band's lead singer, Ali Campbell. "We did more than 1,000 shows in the U.S. in the Eighties", he said.

That tweet drew the attention of a number of critics who contended Bazelon's opposition to Kavanaugh presented a conflict of interest for The Times. "The arrest was made after the victim identified someone else as throwing a glass that hit him in the ear". "I would also like to point out that going out never came before working hard and maintaining our focus on our goals". As a result of that background check, an incident that occurred following a concert performed by the band UB49 was uncovered, rocketing the band's name into the trending public sphere.

Mr Judge has denied the allegations, as has Mr Kavanaugh.

"To be clear, after investigation, Chris Dudley was never arrested by Yale or New Haven Police, was never charged with a crime, and never set foot in court", Sherman told CNN.

He said that after the attack he "tried to pull Chris back, and a bunch of other guys tried to pull the other guy back".

"I don't know what Brett was doing in the melee, but there was blood, there was glass, there was beer and there was some shouting, and the police showed up". James Roche said Kavanaugh was a "notably heavy drinker, even by the standards of the time, and that he became aggressive and belligerent when he was very drunk".

The report was a freakish twist in Kavanaugh's continuing attempts to make it to the Supreme Court, and provided a rare opportunity for some levity to those following the story.

US President Donald Trump has defended his pick for the Supreme Court but admitted that the appeals court judge has had a "bit of difficulty" with alcohol.

UB40 singer Ali Campbell spoke with The Guardian about finding himself and his band roped into the latest controversy surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

He has also disputed reports the judge drank excessively. A spokesman for the White House declined to comment on Mr. Ludington's allegations...

Harvard University's student paper has reported that Mr Kavanaugh will not return to teach law in January.

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