Here are Tuesday's Mega Millions numbers for $1.6 billion jackpot

Here are Tuesday's Mega Millions numbers for $1.6 billion jackpot

Just hours away from the historic mega millions drawing, Lichine's in South Land Park drew a nonstop stream of lottery hopefuls. "They play one ticket, two tickets; now, they're playing, like, $10, $15, $20".

Customer Service Representative, Elijah Henderson, says the line has stayed busy all week long. In the sales peak, as many as 12,700 tickets will be sold per minute, Mullen said. In Arizona, people who win more than $600 can keep their names secret for 90 days after claiming prizes, but after that names are public record. Georgie Beyeler bought seven.

Lots of people came to Cold Case Beverage to buy their tickets because they say it's lucky.

Russell Kessler also bought in.

If you've got the winning combination make sure to take your ticket in and submit it, as you don't want to literally leave money sitting around.

The amount of prize money the tickets will win is still undetermined, according to California Lottery.

Yes, the odds of winning are so unlikely that it's probably nothing you need to worry about, but if even the thought of splitting an enormous jackpot like this one puts stress on you and your relationships, you may be better off buying a ticket (or a few) on your own.

The annual El Gordo national lottery in Spain advertises a larger total prize pool, but the money is divvied up into many prizes, according to Seth Elkin, a spokesman for the Maryland lottery, which now takes questions about the Mega Millions drawing. While taking care of him and his family, he'd also give people food and help the elderly.

"I'm here to buy some Mega Millions of tickets!" "They're trying to hit it big". "Once you've made the trip from Vegas, you might as well just stay for the duration".

"Take out a piece of paper or a good book and read and try to wrap your head around this thing", Payne said.

Another added a hopeful note to their tweet, writing, "I didn't win #MegaMillions this time".

Tonight's $1.6 billion jackpot shatters the old record of $1.5 billion set back in January 2016.

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