Florida Law Enforcement: We Have No Voter Fraud Allegations To Investigate

Florida Law Enforcement: We Have No Voter Fraud Allegations To Investigate

"Just saw notice from @PBCounty that my absentee ballot wasn't counted due to "invalid signature' match", he wrote, adding that Palm Beach County's totals, therefore, deserve to be one higher for Nelson as well as Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum". Florida Politics has reached out to the former congressman for further comment. To this point there's been no public disclosure of how many votes are in their possession and how many do we have to count.

Elias said it's "not appropriate" for a governor to suggest he's going to use his powers to "interject his law enforcement authority to prevent the counting of ballots that have been legally cast".

In the midst of researching the results, Murphy says he chose to go to the Palm Beach County website to ensure that his vote was registered. I'm like, 'This can't be real.' Because all of a sudden it's saying, 'ballot received, invalid signature.' It's the same exact signature I used in the primary, same exact signature I've always used, same exact signature on my driver's license.

Protester Alessandra Mondolfi said the board should be allowed enough time to count every vote. The vote counting in those races "unleashed hordes of lawyers, talk of recounts and runoffs, and the kind of bickering over ballots that brought back memories of the 2000 presidential contest", the New York Times reported.

In response, the governor has ordered the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to immediately investigate Broward and Palm Beach counties. Then, Snipes's office dropped 2,400 blank absentee ballots for votersoff at the post office on a Saturday before the election, after mail carriers were already gone for the day. "Any votes that mysteriously showed up after that deadline are invalid".

"If you look at Broward County, they have had a awful history", Trump added, referring to a Democrat-heavy county where officials were slowly counting votes including absentee and provisional ballots. Bill Nelson have pending cases alleging ballots were mishandled.

But some Republicans, like Raschein, say they can't account for Scott's lack of apparent support in the Keys, noting, among other actions, his quick reaction in sending resources following September 2017's devastating Hurricane Irma. Hand recounts would be required if the margins are.25 percent or less.

This theory is buttressed by the fact that undervoting in the Senate race was especially pronounced in Florida's 24th Congressional District, where no House race was listed (as the incumbent ran unopposed), and thus the Senate race box was even lower down on the ballot's left-hand side.

According to the Sun Sentinel, an unusual pattern has emerged in Broward County, where many more people voted in local races than the U.S. Senate race, when the trend is typically the reverse.

Scott now leads Nelson by only 15,000 votes, well under the threshold for an automatic recount to be triggered under state law.

Florida law requires a recount if those results are within.5 percent or less of each other.

"Don't tread on my rights, baby", said a woman holding a small US flag.

"Every vote does matter", Murphy said.

Snipes has previously been accused of mismanaging elections, and a a circuit court judge ruled that Snipes broke federal and state law by too quickly destroying ballots from the August 2016 primaries earlier this year.

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