This is a Photographer Covering the Wildfires in California

This is a Photographer Covering the Wildfires in California

Search teams have recovered remains of 42 people killed by a fierce wildfire that largely incinerated the town of Paradise in northern California, marking the greatest loss of life from a wild land blaze in state history.

President Donald Trump approved a major disaster declaration for California Monday, which will allow access to federal funding and other resources to help those affected by the fires.

What they show: The map above shows the extent of the Woolsey fire in Southern California as of November 11, covering an area of 50 by 25 miles.

The latest tally of casualties from the Camp Fire was announced by Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea as forensic teams with cadaver dogs combed through a ghostly landscape strewn with ash and charred debris in Paradise, California, in the Sierra foothills about 280km north of San Francisco.

The Woolsey Fire, which also began on Thursday, has razed 38,976 hectares and has been 35 per cent contained.

The fire, on its fifth day Monday, has burned at least 85,500 acres and was 15 percent contained, according to Cal Fire.

"I was like, 'I think I'm done, '" said Allyn Pierce, a nurse who fled the fire in Paradise in his truck.

Paradise, which is home to many elderly retirees and has experienced an unusually dry fall, was virtually razed to the ground by the fast-moving "Camp Fire" blaze.

The town's mayor has estimated that 80-90% of the town's neighbourhoods were destroyed in the fire. She also thanked firefighters and other first responders for their work fighting the fires that have forced hundreds of thousands of evacuations and torched at least 370 homes. The fire that broke out in the Thousand Oaks area - which had already been coping with a mass shooting - is blamed for two deaths.

'I'm okay, I just came from my property and it could've been worse.

The Camp Fire's death toll has grown in staggering leaps.

The 48-year-old actor had his home damaged in the devastating fires but it remains standing with mostly belongings lost to the fire, and he has revealed that he has now taken in families who lost their entire homes. A lot of people lost everything and will have to rebuild from scratch.

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