Celebrities offer thanks, condolences in death of Stan Lee

Celebrities offer thanks, condolences in death of Stan Lee

His characters have since left the comic book pages and have grown into multi-billion dollar Hollywood franchises.

Entrepreneur Elon Musk paid tribute to the "many worlds of imagination & delight" that Lee created.

Long-time rival DC comics also issued its own tribute to the "true legend", hailing his efforts in making comic books more accessible.

A note placed with one wreath, laid on behalf of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, read: "Dear Stan, what a marvel you are, a cultural icon, you made many so happy".

Lee also published several books, including The Superhero Women in 1977 and How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way the following year, when he was named publisher of the year by the Periodical and Book Association of America.

In a statement the Walt Disney Company, which bought Marvel Entertainment in 2009, saluted Lee's "unmatchable" life and career.

Stan Lee spent a lifetime condemning racism and hatred, including via the heroes in his comic books.

"Sad, sad day. Rest In Power, Uncle Stan. The scale of his imagination was only exceeded by the size of his heart".

"Awww man, heartbreaking. R.I.P.to a true pioneer and legend", tweeted Australian filmmaker James Wan, who directed numerous "Saw" and "Insidious" movies as well as helming "Aquaman", an upcoming superhero film based on the character by Marvel rival DC Comics.

Lee also wrote: "Sooner or later, we must learn to judge each other on our own merits".

In the same 1971 interview, Lee added: "I think one of the awful things in the world is that we are so inclined to think in black and white, hero and villain, good and bad, if you don't agree with me I've got to destroy you". "I'm proud to have been a small part of his legacy and to have helped bring one of his characters to life". "Rest in peace Stan".

British actor and Spider-Man star Tom Holland said on Instagram: "How many millions of us are indebted to this guy, none more so than me". I think most people want the same thing.

During a 1971 interview with Rolling Stone, Lee said: "I think the only message I have ever tried to get across is for Christsake, don't be bigoted".

Lee, a writer and editor, worked with artists such as Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko to turn Marvel into a major comic book brand in the 1960s.

Millions responded to the unlikely mix of realistic fantasy, and many of his characters, including Spider-Man, the Hulk and X-Men went on to become stars of blockbuster films. The company was later sold and it ultimately filed a lawsuit against Marvel, Lee and POW!

Lee and Marvel accepted that responsibility by becoming the first publisher to create a black superhero, T'Challa a.k.a.

The cause of Lee's death is not known, but earlier this year it was disclosed that he was fighting a bout of pneumonia.

On July 6 2017 Joan, his wife of nearly 70 years, died of complications from a stroke at the age of 95.

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