Donald Trump heads to California, again blaming fires on forest management

Donald Trump heads to California, again blaming fires on forest management

Honea bristled when asked whether many of those listed at this point, more than a week after the disaster, were expected to end up either deceased or declared missing and presumed dead.

Trump's visits to areas of Northern and Southern California in the aftermath of unprecedented wildfires that have killed more than 70 people gave him what he sought in flying coast to coast and back in a single day - a grasp of the desolation in the heart of California's killer wildfires.

Mr Trump is expected to travel several hundred miles south to visit the families of victims of a mass shooting at a country music bar in Thousand Oaks.

President Trump is on his way to California to see the extent of the damage after the deadliest wildfires in the state's history. Jerry Brown (D) and Governor-Elect Gavin Newsom (D) on Saturday to visit the Camp Fire that's still raging in Paradise, California.

Asked about the president's tweetstorm, LaMalfa told United States media that the fallout stemmed from the timing of the tweets and not the "substance of the argument". "I want great climate and we're going to have that and we're going to have forests that are very safe".

Those are areas where undeveloped woodland and rural communities are adjacent. It was 45% contained and posed no immediate threat to populated areas. California Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency.

Unfortunately, California has been hit with deadly wildfires recently.

Northern California's Camp Fire has destroyed almost 10,000 homes and torched 233 square miles (603 square kilometers).

"It's really very important for you to take a look at the list and call us if you're on the list and let us know", Honea said. From there, he says, officers go out to confirm if their structure is still standing or if the loved one who called in has heard from them.

"Nobody would have ever thought this could have happened", Trump added. "So the federal government is behind you, we're all behind each other". "So I made a decision to go for an opening and I think over the next months and years you'll see the science becoming crystal clear, and even the folks in Washington that are now more in the denialist camp are going to come around".

When asked if seeing the historic devastation, which stretched for miles and left neighborhoods destroyed and fields scorched, altered his opinion on climate change, Trump answered, "No".

He also thanked the press for covering the walk-through, and the fires in general.

Drops in air quality stemming from the Camp fire, for example, have been reported as far afield as Sacramento and San Francisco. He also threatened to withhold federal payments from California.

Fires are spreading through multiple national forests, including the Sierra Nevada National Forest, Mendocino National Forest, Modoc National Forest, Lassen National Forest and Plumas National Forest. Rain was forecast for midweek, which could help firefighters but also complicate the challenging search for remains.

Sheriff Kory Honea has said there could be duplicate names and some people who had escaped could be unaware they were listed as unaccounted for.

"So yeah, you can mull the science, but I'll tell you every year it's going to get clearer and clearer so that I think in less than five years, even the worst skeptics are going to be believers".

Around a quarter of a million people had to leave their homes, with many documenting unsafe escapes from the flames on social media.

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