James Clapper calls Trump's criticism of bin Laden raid 'complete ignorance'

James Clapper calls Trump's criticism of bin Laden raid 'complete ignorance'

Pakistan's foreign ministry has summoned Paul Jones, America's top diplomat in Islamabad, to protest President Donald Trump's allegation that Islamabad harbored al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden despite getting billions of dollars in American aid.

In a statement to CNN on Sunday, McRaven stood by his criticism of the president.

It said that Pakistan's intelligence cooperation had in fact provided the initial evidence to trace the whereabouts of Bin Laden and added that "baseless rhetoric about Pakistan was totally unacceptable".

Earlier in the day, Brennan, who was Obama's homeland security adviser at the time of the bin Laden raid and served as Central Intelligence Agency director from 2013 to 2017, tweeted to Trump that "you constantly remind us how substantively shallow & dishonest you are on so many fronts, which is why we are in such risky times".

There was nothing original or clairvoyant in the reference to bin Laden in Trump's 2000 book.

Trump also drew criticism for his decision not to visit Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day last week, following his trip to Europe. I pointed him out in my book just BEFORE the attack on the World Trade Center.

"We paid Pakistan billions of dollars and they never told us he was living there".

Imran Khan has fired back at Donald Trump, accusing him of "adding insult to injury" after the American president suggested Pakistan harboured Osama bin Laden despite receiving billions in United States aid. Trump responded by calling the man who oversaw the bin Laden raid a Hillary Clinton fan, while also asking why they didn't get bin Laden sooner.

"I did not back Hillary Clinton or anyone else", said McRaven, who did not endorse a candidate in 2016.

Trump's counterpunch at McRaven, who stepped down from the chancellor's post at the University of Texas this year amid health concerns, was reminiscent of his attack in 2015 on the late Sen.

Mr Trump said in an interview with Fox News Sunday that "everybody in Pakistan" knew bin Laden was there and no one said anything despite the United States providing 1.3 billion USA dollars a year in aid. Trump's book, "The America We Deserve", came out more than 1 ½ years before al-Qaida's deadly attack on the USA on September 11, 2001, not just before. Latin American nations like Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador got similar treatment due to a failure to stop the so-called caravan of people seeking to cross into the United States and seek asylum there.

Bin Laden is believed to have fled to Pakistan shortly after the battle of Tora Bora in eastern Afghanistan in December 2001.

While the Trump administration and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's government are making efforts to reach a settlement with the Afghan Taliban, the fighters have continued their attacks on government forces, inflicting hundreds of casualties over recent weeks in assaults across Afghanistan.

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