Land Rover has introduced a miniature new

Land Rover has introduced a miniature new

Land Rover introduced a whole new segment when it first introduced the Range Rover Evoque back in 2010. There also might be a diesel-electric hybrid, but availability will greatly vary from market to market.

The new Evoque features the latest version of Land Rover's corporate grille, flanked by distinctive LED daytime running lights and large side air intakes. The hybrid system uses the energy in the battery to assist the engine at low-speeds and reduce urban emissions. Land Rover won't say whether the unusual coupe and convertible configurations of the earlier generation have been discontinued.

So far Land Rover hasn't said how much the 2020 Range Rover Evoque will cost.

Under the bonnet, the Ingenium petrol and diesel engines have been advanced to make them quieter, while the nine-speed automatic gearbox has been recalibrated for a smoother drive.

For it's a Land Rover afterall, talking about the off-road capabilities is a must.

All-new Range Rover Evoque revealed
New Range Rover Evoque revealed - second-gen adds cool Velar touches, new tech to evolutionary design

As a result, idle-stop now turns off the engine while decelerating with the brake pedal engaged from 17km/h, while the energy stored via regenerative braking is then redeployed to provide supplementary electric boost under acceleration.

The 2019 Evoque retains similar proportions to the original model, but with sharper styling influenced by other Range Rover models such as the Velar, and boasts the option of 21-inch alloy wheels and slim Matrix LED headlights.

The latest Evoque is built on an update of the current model's steel platform JLR now calls Premium Transverse Architecture. This variant is said to employ a 3-cylinder, 197 BHP, 1.5-litre Ingenium engine and an electric driving motor. AWD is combined with the second-generation Active Driveline with Driveline Disconnect to enhance efficiency, and Adaptive Dynamics to deliver the optimum balance of comfort and agility. The 2020 Evoque will also contain Terrain Response 2, a technology which automatically adjusts the vehicle's setup by detecting the surface being driven over. A few rearranged underhood components mean the new Evoque can now manage to ford water up to 24 inches deep. In addition to testing the Evoque's agility - which, naturally, it aced - it allowed us to check out the ClearSight rear-view mirror that transforms into an HD video screen when engaged. The dash now features twin touch-screens with Apple CarPlay and 4G WiFi hotspot capability, and a world-first Ground View camera technology which is created to make it seem like the bonnet is invisible.

There's a clever rear view mirror that can be turned into a camera screen if sight lines are blocked by passengers or bulky items. For example, I balanced the vehicle on a narrow set of rails with the assistance of ClearSight Ground View, which stitches feeds from three cameras located in the side mirrors and grille to make the front of the auto "vanish" and deliver a high-resolution look at what is happening under and around you.

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