Now the USA wants other countries to stop using Huawei products

Now the USA wants other countries to stop using Huawei products

The Trump administration has been attempting to convince allied countries to shun the use of technology from Chinese telecom giant Huawei amid concerns that it could pose a threat to cybersecurity, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, citing sources familiar with the matter.

Now it seems that United States officials are escalating the dispute by talking to their government counterparts and telecom executives in friendly countries where Huawei equipment is already in wide use about what they see as cybersecurity risks.

The government is anxious over potential risks China-built commercial equipment may pose to sensitive communications of American military bases hosted in those countries. The company's devices are rarely used in U.S. government departments amid persistent concerns over Huawei's links to the Chinese government and the potential that its hardware could be used for espionage.

It is noted that the relevant talks, us officials are politicians and heads of large companies in Germany, Italy and Japan.

Huawei has been under scrutiny from USA and its allies for being connected to the Chinese government and using its equipment for espionage, allegations that Huawei has repeatedly denied.

NeoPhotonics Corp., which according to Bloomberg supply-chain data derives 47 percent of its revenue from the Chinese telecommunications equipment maker, gained 0.3 percent in the holiday-shortened session that saw major indexes retreat.

Americans have been told repeatedly to steer clear of Chinese-made Huawei and ZTE branded smartphones - intelligence officials and lawmakers share grave doubts over the opaque intentions of such firms and their cozy relationships with the Chinese government. With people becoming more and more internet-dependent, USA officials are increasingly sounding the alarm over the potential for Chinese spying. President Trump banned the us government and its contractors from using the equipment this year. This was mostly over the company working a way around its boycott of Iran. "If a government's behavior extends beyond its jurisdiction, such activity should not be encouraged".

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