Players hurt by glass and gas in 'disgraceful' bus attack

Players hurt by glass and gas in 'disgraceful' bus attack

In particular, team captain Pablo Perez was hit in the eye and was taken to a hospital.

Former Manchester United striker Carlos Tevez, who was among the injured Boca players, reportedly said: "We are not in condition to play". His colleagues, even with time to recover from the effects of ingesting a toxic substance, could not possibly have been at their psychological peak for what is nearly certainly the biggest game they will ever play and the biggest game in the history of South American club football.

Local television stations said some players suffered cuts from the broken glass.

There then followed a series of announcements that kick-off had been delayed, first until 6 p.m., an hour after initially scheduled, and then at 7:15, 7:30 and 7:45.

South American football's governing body (CONMEBOL) twice rescheduled the kick-off in the hope of getting the game played but with a capacity 62,000 crowd waiting for the players to emerge they eventually chose to postpone the final.

The two sides are competing for the title for the first time in the tournament's almost 60-year history.

After several postponements saw kick off time pushed back further and further, South American football federation CONMEBOL confirmed the match would be postponed until Sunday.

River Vs Boca Juniors Postponed After Players Attacked With Tear Gas
Copa Libertadores final hit by pre-match violence

The first leg at Boca's ground on November 11 ended 2-2 and the second leg was taking place at River's home in front of their own fans. CONMEBOL's medical staff issued a statement declaring that there was no medical reason for the match to be suspended.

CONMEBOL president Alejandro Dominguez said: "I want to congratulate both club presidents, because there has been a gentleman's agreement between them".

The match between Boca Juniors and River Plate has been postponed until Sunday at 5pm GMT, according to reports.

"They were throwing pepper gas, stones, everything", Clarin quoted Juan Carlos Crespi, a member of the Boca delegation, as saying.

River Plate fans, who appear to be behind the attack, are the only fans permitted to attend the game this evening due to a rule prohibiting away fans from appearing at games between the two rivals.

Footage apparently from inside the Boca dressing room showed the players groggy and disorientated.

The rivalry is one of the biggest in football - with both sides originating from the La Boca neighbourhood before River relocated to a different district of Buenos Aires.

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