Mexico plans to deport migrants who tried to breach United States border

Mexico plans to deport migrants who tried to breach United States border

President Trump has repeatedly threatened to close border crossings to prevent the migrant caravan from entering the U.S. Although members of the caravan have been in Tijuana for several days, this is the first time that a significant group has massed at the border fence.

Protesters march along the USA side of the southern border during a rally to show solidarity with the migrant caravan on Sundayy, November 25, as US immigration agents deployed tear gas to disperse hundreds of migrants who rushed the border.

The gas reached hundreds of migrants protesting near the border after some of them attempted to get through the fencing and wire separating the two countries. Most of the migrants are being housed at a sports complex, where they face long wait times for food and bathrooms.

Fani Caballero, 32, a migrant from Honduras, sat by the train tracks, within sight of USA agents on the other side of the border fence.

"Families are frightened and soldiers are shooting tear gas at toddlers".

What had begun Sunday morning as a migrant protest of the slow pace of the US asylum-claims process devolved into a chaotic scramble in which hundreds made their way to the border, hoping to cross onto USA soil.

"Mexico should move the flag-waving Migrants, many of whom are stone cold criminals, back to their countries", Trump wrote on Twitter.

Duncan Wood, the director of the Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center in Washington, said in a statement that "the closing of the border is a drastic response to a serious incident but it is vital that calm heads prevail".

CBP added that some demonstrators "attempted to illegally enter the USA through both the northbound and southbound vehicle lanes at the port of entry itself".

To enter the United States legally, migrants must formally apply for asylum, but the wait for those requests to be processed can last up to a year. San Ysidro is the busiest US land crossing, and authorities there now process about 100 asylum seekers per day.

Migrants make their way across the almost-dry riverbed of the Tijuana River on their way to the El Chaparral port of entry to the Tijuana, Mexico, on November 25.

He has deployed some 9,000 US troops along the border in support of the US Customs and Border Protection agents.

Video from a Mexican news channel appears to show an American border patrol agent yelling at migrants nearing the border to get back. Many residents of Tijuana work, study and visit the United States each day, and the border closures affect them, too, Juan Manuel Gastlum said on Twitter on Sunday.

"People had thought that they were going to open the gates, but that was a lie", Caballero said. "Congress, fund the WALL!" the U.S. president tweeted on Monday.

President Trump essentially gave the green light for retaliation a few weeks ago as the migrant caravan made its way north. During his presidential campaign, he promised he'd have Mexico pay for the wall. "Far from helping the caravan, they are hurting it".

Mexico's Interior Ministry said Sunday the country has sent 11,000 Central Americans back to their countries of origin since October 19. President Enrique Pena Nieto offered thousands of Central Americans asylum on October 26 if they agreed to remain in southern Mexico.

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