GOP Senator Who Made ‘Hanging’ Remark Attended ‘Segregated’ Academy

GOP Senator Who Made ‘Hanging’ Remark Attended ‘Segregated’ Academy

The caption on the post read, "Mississippi history at its best!" Trump said she made it somewhat "in jest" and that she felt bad about it.

The Jackson Free-Press reported a story Friday that explored Hyde-Smith's time at one of Mississippi's so-called segregation academies-schools established throughout the South by white parents trying to avoid public school integration.

Both of the candidates have a background in agriculture, which is the largest sector of Mississipi's economy, and both have experience in Washington.

The report states thet the contribution was just made two days ago - long after it was reported that Hyde-Smith made comments about "public hangings" and voter suppression, which she now claims were jokes. The measure, which was unearthed by CNN's KFile during a review of Hyde-Smith's legislative history, is the latest in a series of issues that have surfaced during her campaign, many of which have evoked Mississippi's dark history of racism and slavery. About 38 percent of the state's residents are black.

The president also touted Monday's rallies, adding Hyde-Smith "is an outstanding person who is strong on the Border, Crime, Military, our great Vets, Healthcare & the 2nd A. Needed in D.C".

Espy spoke for almost 30 minutes Monday to a crowd of about 200 people gathered at church in Jackson.

Rich McDaniel, who's running the Espy campaign's turnout effort, said the campaign is asking people, "What is your plan to go vote Tuesday?"

"We've got a job to do".

"We think it's a good idea to protect our homeland, don't you?" He said of Espy, "Oh, he's far left, he's out there".

At his first rally of the day in Tupelo, Trump told the crowd that the runoff would "decide whether we build on our extraordinary achievements or whether we empower the radical Democrats to obstruct our progress".

Hyde-Smith's support of Trump is unmistakable.

Trump was in MS for the pair of rallies and a roundtable discussion on prison and sentencing reform in an eleventh-hour effort to keep the seat in GOP hands.

President Trump announced that he will be traveling to MS on Monday to endorse Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith.

About 100 anti-Trump protesters were also there, chanting "Impeach 45" as they held signs with red strikes through Hyde-Smith's name.

Williams, an African-American resident of Jackson who voted for Espy on November 6, said the campaign has blanketed African-American churches, fraternities and sororities.

"Democrats will also destroy your health care by inviting caravan after caravan after caravan" of immigrants into the country illegally, he claimed, warning they would wreak havoc and bankrupt the Treasury Department.

Democrat Mike Espy answers a question during a televised Mississippi U.S. Senate debate with his opponent appointed U.S. Sen.

Espy, who was USA agriculture secretary under Bill Clinton, spoke on Saturday about how he and his twin sister were among 17 black students who integrated the all-white Yazoo City high school in 1969, graduating in 1971.

The concurrent resolution was approved by Mississippi's House and Senate.

Although she later apologized for her remark, she accused her opponents of twisting her words for political gain.

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