Trump Imposes Six Month Deadline On Congress For NAFTA Substitute

Trump Imposes Six Month Deadline On Congress For NAFTA Substitute

President Donald Trump coerced Congress to accept his contemporary trade deal with Canada and Mexico, elucidating he proposes to eliminate the authentic North American Free Trade Agreement.

Trump, traveling home from a G20 summit in Argentina, told reporters aboard Air Force One that he would give formal notice to Congress on "terminating" NAFTA "within a relatively short period of time". "As part of our agreement the United States will be able to lock in our market access to Canada and Mexico and greatly expand our agricultural exports, something we've been wanting to do for many years".

Canada takes U.S. President Donald Trump's comments about pulling out of NAFTA seriously and has no indication when the White House might act, Finance Minister Bill Morneau said on Monday, Reuters reported. Grassley vowed to usher the deal through Congress, saying it'll benefit the US economy and bolster agriculture interests in the Midwest. Kevin Kester, President of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, says "U.S. beef producers are one step closer to "unrestricted, science-based trade continuing in North America".

Move design to pressure Congress to approve new deal.

Both discussions, driven largely by Trump and USA trade representative Robert E. Lighthizer, are at the center of the White House's agenda and could have profound implications for the global economy if negotiations collapse.

"President Trump campaigned against the major flaws in worldwide trade agreements that the original NAFTA created the framework for, and rightly so".

Trucks move almost $385 billion in goods between the US and Mexico, and $336 billion in trade between the USA and Canada.

"It helped us get to where we are", MacNaughton said at a Public Policy Forum dinner in Ottawa. NFU president Roger Johnson wants changes before Congress ratifies the agreement. USMCA keeps all those gains and adds improvements in many ag commodities.

"I think they're betting on Congress not letting it all go to hell", she said. Ms Pelosi described the deal on Friday as a "work in progress" her members could not yet support.

"That'll be terminated so Congress will have a choice of the USMCA or pre-NAFTA, which worked very well", the Republican president said. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, a leader on the issue, argued that there is precedent for reopening the agreement and making changes at this stage.

Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader who is likely to be elected speaker, cast doubt on the likelihood that the deal could be passed without significant new assurances from Mexico that labour standards in the agreement will be strictly enforced. The United States should protect its sovereignty over the interests of other countries.

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