XFL To Reveal Teams And Venues At Today's Press Conference

XFL To Reveal Teams And Venues At Today's Press Conference

New Jersey Governor Philip Murphy kicked off the press conference and confirmed that MetLife Stadium will be home to one of the XFL teams.

After claiming they've learned from their mistakes, Vince McMahon and Commissioner Oliver Luck have re-founded the league and awarded eight franchises.

Los Angeles, the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area and Dallas were among the eight cities and venues chosen to be the home sites when the XFL launches its inaugural season in February 2020.

Though not announced, the league has already registered XFL-related domains for Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, Minnesota, Nashville, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco.

All of the XFL cities already have National Football League teams except for St. Louis. For now, the Jets and Giants better prepare themselves for some new offseason tennants. The XFL will have a 10-week regular schedule, 45-man active rosters and two semifinal playoff games. Luck said. "It's a game that's fast-paced, high-octane, up-tempo, with a great rhythm, a great flow, with fewer stoppages in play".

Vince McMahon speaks about the XFL in 2000.

He said that their ideas for the league and their reimagined version of football are now being tested. It intends to find players who are struggling to find a job in the National Football League, and from the college ranks.

There are eight teams making up the XFL's inaugural season, and while the host cities were leaked ahead of the reveal the venues were unknown until today.Here's the cities and locations XFL fans can buy tickets to see the inaugural season in 2020.

Luck also announced plans for a shorter play clock in the XFL, while games will be played in under three hours and TV timeouts will be limited. They want fans to have access to players and coaches.

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