First transgender contestant 'makes history' in Miss Universe

First transgender contestant 'makes history' in Miss Universe

Contestants from around the globe spent the last few weeks touring, filming, rehearsing and preparing to compete for the Miss Universe crown. Knowing this, she was asked in an interview with Time what it would mean to win, to which she replied, "More than a message to him, it would be a win for human rights". "I'm showing that trans women can be whatever they want to be: a teacher, a mother, a doctor, a politician, and even Miss Universe".

The 66-year ban on transgender Miss Universe contestants officially ended in 2012, but no one ever made it through to the final competition until Ponce. "I had to go on and perform, and it felt terrible".

Raising the flag cause I got inspired...

The internet loved that she was breaking barriers.

"A few years ago I lost a close friend to health complications with HIV", she said.

In another interview just a month before the pageant, Gray acknowledged the voice that Ponce represents. She is a woman, and in the eyes of the universe, she will always be a woman.

It's the earth-shattering noise created by the glass ceiling she broke.

But the focus wasn't only on her Mayon Volcano-inspired gown and the famed Mikimoto crown as many also noticed her iconic ear cuff.

The Miss Universe contest will air on Sunday night, with talk show personality Steve Harvey performing host duties.

Those who bet on the event says Ponce is a favorite in Sunday's competition.

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