Bolsonaro welcomes Netanyahu, says nothing about possible embassy move

Bolsonaro welcomes Netanyahu, says nothing about possible embassy move

Both the Workers' Party and the Socialism and Liberty Party said the decision was also an act of resistance to Bolsonaro, who has angered many with comments seen as homophobic, racist or offensive to women, as well as expressing nostalgia for Brazil's 1964-1985 military dictatorship.

The survey, however, did not ask participants how they think stricter control should be carried out. "And why not say it - for much of the world too, because we are demonstrating that these partnerships bring well-being to their people".

Bolsonaro has said he wants to follow in the footsteps of United States President Donald Trump and move his country's Israel embassy to Jerusalem.

The US official acknowledged "there has been some concern about older statements" but said Bolsonaro since the election has taken a "very strident and very forceful" approach to human rights in the region.

Netanyahu invited Bolsonaro to Israel, and the Brazilian leader said he hoped to visit by March - meaning that he hopes to visit before the April 9 Knesset elections.

But Netanyahu has for the first time found himself at odds with Trump after the U.S. leader s sudden announcement last week that he will bring home all 2,000 American troops from war-ravaged Syria, where Israel saw Washington s presence as a bulwark against Iran and counterweight to the influence of Russian Federation. "You can be certain I will speak with him about that in our first meeting", Netanyahu, speaking Hebrew, told reporters on his flight before it landed in Rio de Janeiro.

The Brazilian newspaper O Globo had reported Wednesday that Netanyahu chose to shorten his week long visit to just two days after his coalition announced the dissolution of the Knesset and moved up elections to April 9. Current trade between Brazil and Israel is around $1.12 billion, with expectations that bilateral trade and economic relations between the two countries could flourish under Bolsonaro.

In Brazil and Bolsonara, he said, "We now have a new friend who knows the hardships of history, the sources of our mutual culture and the great challenges that face us in ensuring the future..."

He will fly back after the inauguration in the early hours of January 2, the official said.

The Israeli prime minister also serves as his country's foreign minister. For comparison: In Germany in the a year ago, about 730 homicides.

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