Judge denies Kevin Spacey's request to skip court appearance

Judge denies Kevin Spacey's request to skip court appearance

The actor said in documents received by the court earlier on Monday that he is pleading not guilty and believes he should be excused from appearing at the forthcoming arraignment, the term that describes the process in the U.S. of calling someone before a court to answer a criminal charge.

It also arrives days after the revelation that Spacey will be arraigned in January on a charge of indecent assault and battery in connection with the alleged groping of an 18-year-old man in 2016. Spacey indicated in the court filing he would attend the hearing if the judge denies his request.

Emails seeking comment on the judge's ruling were sent to Mr Spacey's attorneys and the district attorney's office handling the case. His Christmas Eve video, in which he resurrected his House of Cards monster Frank Underwood, was widely seen as weird.

The allegations were first brought in November 2017, when former Boston TV anchor Heather Unruh told reporters Mr Spacey groped her teenage son during a chance encounter in the crowded bar of a Nantucket restaurant.

It was unclear whether he was addressing the criminal charge.

Spacey's attorneys have not spoken publicly about the case but in a court hearing questioned the evidence.

The allegation that Spacey assaulted the Boston teenager at a Nantucket bar is just one of many cases against the "House of Cards" actor, including a September case from an anonymous massage therapist alleging that Spacey had forcibly touched his genitals during a session and offered to perform oral sex on him. Her family chose to come forward after others went public with allegations of sexual misconduct against Spacey and other celebrities, she said.

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