New Netflix film 'Bird Box' smashes streaming record

New Netflix film 'Bird Box' smashes streaming record

While Netflix doesn't release viewing metrics, "Bird Box"'s numbers were surprising enough to have the company share the news. The memes alone should give you an indication that Bird Box has been resonating strongly with audiences.

Netflix wrote in a December 28 post to its own social media that "45,037,125 Netflix accounts have already watched Bird Box - best first 7 days ever for a Netflix film!".

This assertion attracted some side-eyeing from those familiar with Netflix's general behavior in reporting. As many pointed out, with the amount of viewers who share accounts, there really is no telling how many actual people have seen Bird Box.

A Netflix spokesperson shared with The Verge, that an account is considered a viewer "once a view surpasses 70 percent of total running time including credits".

Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock (Gravity, Crash) leads an all-star cast that includes Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight, The Predator), with Golden Globe winner Sarah Paulson (American Crime Story, Ocean's Eight), and Oscar nominee John Malkovich (In the Line of Fire, Burn After Reading) in the compelling new thriller from Academy Award winner Susanne Bier (In a Better World, The Night Manager). "How does a traditional studio considering her for a project view it?"

In some cases, but certainly not all, a question about the film's merit seems to underlie the skepticism: Why was Bird Box, which received lukewarm reviews, the Netflix film to break such a record?

Another, unofficial report from 2017 claimed that the Will Smith-starrer, Bright, was viewed by 11 million subscribers in its first weekend - albeit only those who watched it on a non-mobile device and in the US.

Things escalate when Bullock's character has to travel down a unsafe river, staying awake for more than 24 hours to make sure the boat stays on course. The 54-year-old has said the film is popular with the wider because mothers can relate to her character, Malorie.

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