Sen. Graham Confident on Syria Pullout After Meeting President

Sen. Graham Confident on Syria Pullout After Meeting President

"I campaigned against the NEVER ENDING WARS, remember!", he concluded in the third tweet.

"We talked about Syria. That's what we're talking about", Trump said during a cabinet meeting.

Graham said Trump reassured him of the USA commitment to defeat Islamic State. That is significant in itself: clear affirmation of what Graham had said.

In Syria, about 2,000 USA soldiers operate alongside other foreign troops to assist local fighters battling Islamic State, a jihadist group that once held territory across much of Iraq and Syria and set up its own ultra-Islamist government.

Amid questions about the pace of his exit from Syria, President Trump complained on Monday that he's getting "bad press" for his decision to pull American troops out of the country and insisted he was simply making good on his campaign promise against USA involvement in "never ending wars". He said it rather dismissively, as if that percent should be seen as insignificant, despite the fact that as recently as a few weeks ago Trump used the possibility of ISIS coming to the United States as a primary rationale for building the wall.

"I campaigned on getting out of Syria and other places", Trump continued.

Syria says hundreds of US-backed Kurdish fighters have withdrawn from the city of Manbij near the border with Turkey to take position to the east of the Euphrates.

"I think we're in a pause situation", the South Carolina Republican said outside the White House after lunch with the president.

Their departure was in line with an agreement "for the return of normal life to the area of northern Syria", the ministry said in a statement.

"I'm going to ask the president to do something that President Obama would never do: reconsider", he said.

Graham said later on Twitter that Trump would make sure that any withdrawal from Syria "will be done in a fashion to ensure: 1) ISIS is permanently destroyed 2) Iran doesn't fill in the back end".

U.S. commanders planning the withdrawal are recommending that YPG fighters battling Isis be allowed to keep US-supplied weapons, according to United States officials.

It was not entirely clear whether Trump was referring to the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) in Syria or the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq.

Trump's defense secretary Jim Mattis resigned over the decision to leave Syria, as did the administration's special envoy to the anti-IS coalition, Brett McGurk. "That's why we need a forward-deployed force in Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan for a while to come".

Graham said his meeting with Trump was reassuring.

On Friday, Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, met at the White House with Trump's national security adviser, John Bolton, to get more clarity on the timing and other details of the withdrawal. "I'm getting out, we're getting out of Syria-look, we don't want Syria".

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