Bulls trade Justin Holiday to Grizzlies, report says

Bulls trade Justin Holiday to Grizzlies, report says

Brooks is averaging 6.6 points, and Selden is putting up 5.4 points.

While the Utah Jazz acquired forward Kyle Korver from the Cleveland Cavaliers through a similarly packaged deal, the Bulls did not get enough value in return for Holiday, especially considering how much youth remains on his side and the serviceable amount likely necessary to re-sign. Selden is averaging 5.4 points in 14.2 minutes over 32 games.

A starter for the Bulls, Justin Holiday heads to the Grizzlies with averages of 11.6 points and 4.4 rebounds. There's a chance he becomes a solid piece as he ages, one the Bulls could potentially flip somewhere else eventually if his 3-point shot picks up again. His contract expires at season's end.

"I'm coming to a young team, building, coming to a historic program", Selden said after Friday's morning shootaround. "I can't try to fill shoes just because of the type of player that Justin was, I'm just gonna continue to be who.I am out there and do what I can to help the team win".

Holiday is a solid 3-and-D wing player, but the 29-year-old is not as useful to the Bulls as future assets are. "The guy who comes in, obviously we're looking at him and expecting him to help us with that". Hutch [Hutchison] can do that with his length and athleticism. At a listed 6-foot-6 and 181 pounds, Holiday isn't quite big enough to deal with the Kevin Durants of the world, meaning Anderson will still have to handle those assignments, but Bickerstaff will no longer have any defensive liabilities in his wing rotation.

It was later reported by Charania that those picks are second rounders. This trade restores that pick.

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