Huawei staff punished over iPhone tweet

Huawei staff punished over iPhone tweet

However, Twitter displays which devices have been used to send a tweet - something many companies and celebrities with brand deals fall foul to - and seeing as Apple is a major Huawei competitor, this was allegedly seen as harmful to the Huawei brand. This was the cause of the scandal. They had their rank reduced and monthly salary reduced by 5,000 yuan. Some firms announced that employees caught using Apple handsets would be punished, while those purchasing Huawei phones would get subsidies.

In order to maintain a presence on Twitter, a social platform that is censored by China's so-called "Great Firewall", the public relations team need to use a VPN.

As well as the pay cut, the digital marketing director was also hit with a salary freeze and no promotions for the next 12 months.

According to an internal memo seen by Reuters and Bloomberg, Huawei blamed a supplier it hired to handle its social-media operations overseas. In October, reports revealed that Samsung took legal action against its brand ambassador in Russian Federation.

In a furry of patriotic displays, many Chinese consumers and companies have vowed to stop using United States products including Apple iPhones in support of Huawei and Meng. Huawei said in its memo that "the incident exposed flaws in our processes and management", and that it will be looking to address that soon.

The mistake was apparently made when an outsourced social media handler could not use virtual private network services, or VPN, so instead used an iPhone with a SIM card issued by a Hong Kong carrier. As a brand ambassador, you are supposed to be using the product that you are promoting, and that line was even in her contract with Samsung. The content itself was trivial, significantly spicy, the four words that were displayed directly in the message were: "Via Twitter for iPhone". Screenshots of the tweet went viral, prompting all sorts of reactions from users worldwide.

Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of nationalistic tabloid Global Times, was mocked online a year ago after he used his iPhone when expressing support for Huawei and domestic peer ZTE Corp.

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