New York Yankees: Manny Machado’s agent ‘barely engaging clubs’

New York Yankees: Manny Machado’s agent ‘barely engaging clubs’

Major League Baseball insider Jon Heyman of Fancred reinforced early this afternoon that the Phillies are indeed in the process of setting up a formal face-to-face meeting with Harper and agent Scott Boras.

Without question, joining a team with potential like Philadelphia could work wonders for a player like Harper, especially when seeing all of the extra games he would get to face his former team in the Washington Nationals.

And with the Nationals still having meetings with Harper, including one as recent as right before Christmas, according to the Washington Post, that team is not at all out of the running.

Harper may have rung in the new year as a free agent, but he reportedly has multiple 10-year offers waiting for him. And quite honestly, the focus on the number of the years for either player, but particularly Harper, has been overblown to this point. The Phillies are the next team that will reportedly meet with Bryce, but the fact that the meeting will take place in Las Vegas sums up how Mr.

However, reports have surfaced that the Nationals have remained in the Harper sweepstakes, even though it was reported that they had made their final offer - 10 years, $300 million - at the end of the regular season.

Regardless, numbers and ideas are going to be thrown around, but not yet will the stupid money come into play in Sin City, and Harper won't get mobbed by Philadelphia's electricians. The Dodgers still have plenty of moves to make this off-season but which route they take will depend on if they can bring the crown jewel of this year's free agency back to Los Angeles. Clearly, with the meetings, and the timing of those meetings, there does seem to be some level of interest on the Nats' side as well as Harper's.

The infielder held meetings with the White Sox, Yankees, and Philadelphia Phillies last month, and his market could gain further clarity in the next few weeks. TC Zencka at MLB Trade Rumors may have captured the essence with the final six words of his piece on Harper today: "the best we have is conjecture".

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