In case you missed it: New Game of Thrones footage released

Watchmen has also been grabbing plenty of attention, with just a few small teases before now.

In addition to the footage from the final season of Game of Thrones, HBO has plenty of other material for content-thirsty nerds.

The season 8 teaser featured in a new promo for HBO's 2019 seasons including Euphoria, Watchmen and Big Little Lies.

However, we have finally been given a glimpse (albeit short) into the new episodes. In the teaser, Daenerys approaches Sansa Stark (Sophia Turner), and Sansa tells her, albeit unenthusiastically: "Winterfell is yours, Your Grace".

To begin with, the newly-appointed Lady of Winterfell didn't agree with Jon's decision to visit Dragonstone in a bid to make an alliance with the Mother of Dragons. Perhaps there isn't some doubt in her tone, but it's more fun to assume there is.

Or, you know, steal the password from your bastard brother's new white-haired girlfriend who thinks she owns the whole house. Sansa has always done what she could, though sometimes hard, to align herself with the right players.

The group have converged at Winterfell along with other major characters as the heroes as they prepare to fight the Army of the Dead. Another show that features in the teaser is "Big Little Lies", whose second season is expected to premiere in March this year. Dany's brawn with Sansa's brain (and some help from Jon, Tyrion, et al.) could really do some damage in "The Great War". "You'll be queen, for a time". The clip was part of HBO's 2019 coming attractions ad that showed snippets from all its shows, from True Detective to Veep.

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