Mental Health Awareness Behind Instagram Egg Account

Mental Health Awareness Behind Instagram Egg Account

The account's sole objective, at least at the time, was to unseat billionaire makeup mogul Kylie Jenner as the record holder for the world's most-liked Instagram photo.

Though the world record egg became an overnight viral sensation, the human creator behind Instagram's most-liked post ever has remained a mystery that was proving hard to crack. If you or anyone you know is struggling with depression and thinking of suicide, know that someone is always there.

"The wait is over All will be revealed this Sunday following the Super Bowl..."

It remains unclear whether the World Record Egg started as a prank and morphed into something more, or this was the intention of Godfrey all along. "We got this", the PSA read.

An account, which, for a while, had a solitary photo of a single egg on a white background on its grid - created with the sole goal of defeating (then) holder of the 'gram's most-liked photo, Kylie Jenner and posting a more popular snap?

But Instagram has responded to the accusations saying they don't allow content that glorifies self-harm or suicide.

The video ends with a link to the Mental Health America website. Nik Sharma of digital agency VaynerMedia told The Atlantic he would even advise clients "to spend on the egg instead of the Super Bowl".

The advertisement began, "Recently, I started to crack". On the other hand, the Instagram post of the clip links to, which lists worldwide mental health resources by country.

The person behind the World Record Egg photo is reportedly a British man who works in advertising named Chris Godfrey. "An egg is an egg, it's universal", Godfrey said.

The image, it turns out, was a project created by three British advertisement executives, who teamed with Hulu for a 30-second public-service announcement promoting mental-health awareness.

A widely followed Instagram account can be worth a lot of cash, reportedly up to $10 million in the egg's case.

"People have fallen in love with this egg, and Eugene the egg wants to continue to spread positive messages", Alissa Khan-Whelan, one of the people working on the egg's social media accounts said.

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