Sex worker blasts Meghan Markle's 'stupid' banana stunt

Sex worker blasts Meghan Markle's 'stupid' banana stunt

When you think of royal drama, you automatically think of Meghan Markle. And, despite the fact that the Duchess of Sussex is straight glowing right now and appears to be enjoying her gestation, there are times when she just looks over it. And, according to the excited chatter on the Doula UK members' website, it seems that Meghan may have enlisted the help of Lauren Mischon.

"Meghan is focused on calm and positive energy around the birth - she's a big believer in that", a source told the magazine.

"Oh, actually do you have a Sharpie marker?"

Meghan Markle, 37, may now be a royal but she's still making her own rules when it comes to the birth of her first child! "I saw this project this woman had started somewhere in the states on a school lunch programme".

"She really feels great and is enjoying the busy work schedule she has at the moment", the source explained.

'Her publicist Kelly put a small team together to create a pitch, and have been in touch with the Palace under an official capacity with a few ideas. One unidentified sex worker, reported to be among those set to receive one of the signed bananas, is said to have told The Sun: "People out here struggle to eat and sleep and she gifts us some words on a piece of fruit? Because I would do the same", the volunteer said, according to People.

One fan commented on the video: "He or she wants to take part of what's going on!"

The insider said: 'Meghan is still acclimatising to the royal way of dealing with things - she is very much used to the ruthless Hollywood PR machine.

Morgan isn't entirely impartial to the Duchess of Sussex, as he's previously accused the actress of being a "ruthless" social climber and ditching their friendship after she first reached out via Twitter.

"When someone more important and influential came along, in the shape of Prince Harry, I was instantly dumped like a sack of spuds", he added.

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