Trump to call for unity, face skepticism in State of Union

Trump to call for unity, face skepticism in State of Union

Under pressure from conservative backers, Mr Trump refused to sign a government funding bill that did not include money for his long-sought border wall. That was about the time Donald J. Trump became president...

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said going into President Trump's second States of the Union address that the American people "are less interested in Beltway melodrama and more interested in that classic question: Am I better off than I was two years ago?"

The topic will likely be on the top of the agenda when Trump delivers the annual State of the Union address on Capitol Hill Tuesday.

Chatter about the possibility of some dramatic announcement during the speech went into high gear earlier in the week, after Trump - using his preferred communication form of insinuation - told CBS on Sunday that he doesn't "like to take things off the table" and "you know, there have been plenty national emergencies called".

Inside Edition spoke with the 11-year-old after he reported that he was getting bullied and wanted to change his last name.

Asked on Friday whether he would declare a national emergency during his speech, Trump said, "I don't want to say", and instead urged reporters to tune in to the speech.

Several Democrats have invited guests to the speech to highlight various causes, a lot of them at odds with Trump's policies. Trump's tax reform is credited with boosting economic spending.

They also represent a high-water mark since December 21 when he reached 49 per cent on the last day the federal government was fully funded before a five-week partial shutdown.

However, a Defence Department inspector general report released Monday said the Islamic State group "remains a potent force of battle-hardened and well-disciplined fighters that could likely resurge in Syria" absent continued counterterrorism pressure.

Declaring a state of emergency at the border might resolve Trump's personal frustrations, but it would put his allies in Congress in a hard position.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee released a brief video online Tuesday stringing together snippets of past comments by Abrams, including when the Democrat says, "This is not a speech of concession" after her narrow loss to Republican Brian Kemp in last year's race for Georgia governor.

Over and over, Trump has linked his calls for the wall to crime, drugs, and human trafficking, repeating weird and baseless stories about women dragged into the USA while bound with duct tape.

The president and first lady also invited three family members of Gerald and Sharon David of Reno, Nevada, who were killed in January 2019 by an illegal immigrant. Those numbers are slightly worse for Trump's cause than when Gallup polled the same question last June and found 57 percent opposed and 41 percent in support.

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said the president would use his address "to call for an end to the politics of resistance, retribution".

Trump didn't seem to be in a new bipartisan mood late Tuesday morning when he tweeted that Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer was "already criticizing my State of the Union speech, even though he hasn't seen it yet".

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