Vaccine demand surges amid measles outbreak

Vaccine demand surges amid measles outbreak

Ukraine reported the highest number of measles cases previous year across Europe, while more than 90% of cases were in 10 countries, including France, Italy and Greece. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control states that two doses of the MMR vaccine provides a 97 percent immunity rate. The comparatively high percentage of unvaccinated children in parts of northern OR and Washington, combined with the current outbreak, has led local officials to take drastic measures to prevent further outbreaks.

In Clark County, Washington - where about 50 people have been infected since the outbreak started - more than 6 times as many people were vaccinated for measles from January 13 to February 2 compared to the same period past year, according to a spokesperson for Washington State Department of Health.

More than 80,000 people caught measles in 2018 across 47 European countries, 15 times as many as two years before.

World Health Organization said "uneven progress between and within countries" was to blame.

CDC says pregnant women should get vaccines for the flu and whooping cough.

Adult vaccination numbers in the county also rose.

The measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine is recommended for children because it protects against three potentially serious viral illnesses.

Vaccination remains the most effective method for preventing measles, according to the Bell County Health District.

The New York City measles outbreak continues to persist, with 67 confirmed cases of measles occurring between October and February 6, 2019.

Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO regional director for Europe, said: "The picture for 2018 makes it clear that the current pace of progress in raising immunisation rates will be insufficient to stop measles circulation".

The case has not been linked to any other cases at this time, the health department said.

"There's no reason we should be having this outbreak", says Melnick. "Our one doctor here, who has been [a] practicing physician for 12 years, had never seen a case of measles until a month ago". Measles cases have now been reported in all major Madagascan towns and cities and throughout rural areas as well. However, it can not make us blind to the people and places that are still being missed.

Washington state Rep. Paul Harris (R-Vancouver) has introduced a measurethat would remove personal belief exemptions for the MMR vaccine. Many proponents claim, without evidence, that vaccinations can cause autism.

"We anticipated importation of measles from other parts of the world", Schaffner says, "but it has gained a foothold again because there are communities where a substantial proportion of children remain unimmunized".

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