Jennifer Lopez's Motown tribute was a Grammys 2019 low point

Jennifer Lopez's Motown tribute was a Grammys 2019 low point

"Motown was an historically black label and the bulk of that Motown tribute was by Jennifer Lopez", another critic said.

Jennifer Lopez and Smokey Robinson perform onstage during the Grammy Awards in LA.

People were already puzzled when news that J. Lo would be performing the tribute and by the time she took the stage, music fans were waiting to see if she would pull it off. "I love you. You are so amazing!'" she shared.

Ellen also bragged about how in shape J. Lo is, after the singer and A-Rod completed a 10-day diet challenge where they cut out carbs and sugar.

"I don't think anyone who is intelligent is upset", he told the outlet. "Everybody.Who's stupid enough to protest Jennifer Lopez doing anything for Motown?".

That was lost in all of the hoopla over Lopez's performance, but, for those who were sour on the Grammy tribute to Motown, there will be an official Motown 60 Anniversary show on April 21 on CBS. The star gave an incredible dance performance that saw her accompanied by backup dancers, sit atop a piano and much more.

Robinson said those who call Motown "music for Black people" are "trying to set us back a hundred years".

"Grammy failed on the Motown tribute #GRAMMYs". My birthday is in July so this summer I decided I want to do something big for my birthday, since it is a big birthday, ' she said. That is romantic to me, like he was trying to get her on the phone... Motown was music for everybody.

However, despite her incredible routine, viewers were quick to call the star out over her Latina background - claiming the ceremony should have chosen a black singer.

Lalah Hathaway's whole body and self was sitting in the audience during a soulless Motown tribute. To know the history of Motown, you understand that Berry Gordy founded the group with the intent to publish and OWN the music Black artists created.

Motown's reputation for diversity and inclusion is a source of pride for the musician he explains, so the discussion surrounding Jennifer's performance is upsetting.

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