Samsung's Galaxy S10 has the best smartphone display ever, claims DisplayMate

Samsung's Galaxy S10 has the best smartphone display ever, claims DisplayMate

Xiaomi working on a dual-folding phone, according to a video released in January. "The time is ripe for experimentation. And if you drop it, the display is more susceptible to damage".

Foldable phones. Foldable phones. Samsung plans for it to have an extra screen on the outside (just like Galaxy Fold) but the design may change. The Galaxy Fold comprises a 12cm front display, and a 19cm interior screen. Anything that makes replacing the charging port more hard is a major negative.

On the other hand, the out-folding phone wouldn't need a standalone display as the main screen will be used as the smartphone display as well.

The foldable smartphone race has begun after Samsung and Huawei have introduced their very own foldable devices last month.

The innovative touch sensor of the S10 proved impossible to extract from the screen, leading the gang to conclude that should the sensor break, the user is going to have to fork out for a new display. The hardware savants responsible for tearing down both phones liked the fact that all of the screws were standard Philips screws, but anxious that display replacement will be a tricky job.

Pre-orders for the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 range end are coming to a close, and if you're one of the many awaiting their new handsets, or planning on buying one soon, you'll want to know how easy it is to fix the expensive Android smartphones if they break.

Everyone's on a foldable high, and whether or not you're intrigued, or at least interested in foldable devices, Lego's here to brighten up your day. These newer foldable models could also come with in-display fingerprint readers. The South Korean company shipped 291.3 million phones a year ago while Huawei sold 205.8 million, according to Strategy Analytics.

Now, Zack from JerryRigEverything has performed a teardown of the Samsung Galaxy S10 to figure out how things worked inside the device. The 8GB/128GB Galaxy S10 in Prism Black and Blue starts at Rs. 66,900 while the 8GB/512GB variant costs Rs. 84,900.

IFixit also noted that the industry-first, in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor becomes "in-screen" via glue, and that if you need to fix it, you'll probably have to get the whole screen replaced.

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