Trump slams socialism, Green New Deal at CPAC

Trump slams socialism, Green New Deal at CPAC

In a wide-ranging speech on Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland, he mocked Democrats for their framework to combat climate change and said House lawmakers pushing to expand their investigations of him are "sick". Nadler, D-NY, also said his committee, which would lead any impeachment effort against Trump, will request documents from more than five dozen people in the president's circle, including his son Donald Trump Jr. and top Trump Organization executive Allen Weisselberg.

Nadler said crimes and impeachable offenses can be two different things, and that the House can't rely on special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russian interference into the 2016 presidential election.

Many observers believe, however, his biggest legal exposure would come with the various federal and state-level investigations into his finances and the running of his charity foundation and business.

Emboldened by their new majority, Democrats are undertaking several broad new investigations into President Trump and setting the stage for a post-Robert Mueller world.

Pointing to the crowd in front of him, Trump joked that the people who had made it onto the convention center floor were "just better at real estate" than the others, a joke that drew loud cheers.

Investigating the president was a key campaign promise for Democrats in the midterms. "And it's a very, very delicate balance", Trump said.

Last week, Representative Maxine Waters, a California Democrat who chairs the House Committee on Financial Services, said she wants to explore the president's defunct non-profit, the Trump Foundation, over suspicions of tax evasion. "If we went through every person who had this authority before, I'll guarantee you other people had concerns raised with them".

Trump also sketched a defense for two potential areas of vulnerability: his call for Russian Federation to find Hillary Clinton's missing emails during the 2016 campaign and his firing of former FBI Director James Comey in 2017.

A freshman Democrat says that it is her "duty and responsibility" to seek President Trump's impeachment over violations of the US Constitution's emoluments clause.

"It's very clear - 1,100 times he referred to the Mueller investigation as a witch hunt, he fired - he tried to protect (former national security adviser Michael) Flynn from being investigated by the FBI", Nadler said.

"He took a hard punch in the face for all of us", Trump said.

Trump rehashed his outsider campaign from 2016 that overcame long odds and a crowded field of established politicians to claim the White House over Democrat Hillary Clinton. Cohen pleaded guilty a year ago to violating campaign finance laws when he paid off adult film star Stormy Daniels to stay quiet before the 2016 election about an affair Cohen said she had with Trump.Cohen said Trump ordered the hush payment.

Rep. Doug Collins, ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee, said Mr. Nadler was jumping the gun. Fleischer said it will, arguing, "Democrats can not keep using the words "crime crime crime" without setting in motion an impeachment path that they can not avoid". Attorney General William Barr has indicated that he's likely to send his own summary of the findings to Congress, rather than Mueller's report.

Those criminal probes and others could carry on for months if not years after Mueller completes his Russian Federation investigation, potentially casting an even longer shadow over Trump's time in the Oval Office.

Meanwhile in Vietnam, a high-stakes second summit between Trump and Kim broke up in disarray Thursday, without even a joint statement, after the pair failed to reach an agreement on walking back Pyongyang's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.

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