Michael Jackson’s Music Has Been Dropped From Radio Stations

Michael Jackson’s Music Has Been Dropped From Radio Stations

The documentary, which premiered on the network on Sunday night, has evoked a wave of public anger across the world, with several radio stations in New Zealand and Canada dropping the King of Pop's music from their playlists.

Each were befriended by the singer as children and spend time on the Neverland Ranch, graphically describing sexual encounters with Jackson in explicit and excutiating detail throughout the two-part documentary.

The allegations were denied by the radio station, which said that Jackson's songs don't feature on the playlist because it is for new releases.

Earlier, a chain of dozens of Canadian radio stations said they would not play Jackson megahits such as "Billie Jean" and "Bad" for the time being.

MediaWorks too confirmed that his music had been pulled, as a "a reflection of our audiences and their preferences".

6IX program director Brad Pottinger said: "We are still happy to play Michael Jackson". Christine Dicaire, a spokeswoman for Montreal media company Cogeco, told The Guardian that the ban also applies to 23 smaller stations in the province.

Some radio stations in Quebec have taken a stand, saying that Jackson is no longer welcome on any playlists.

The second part of Finding Neverland airs on Channel 4 tonight at 9pm.

According to The Guardian, Michael Jackson's estate is now engaged in a campaign of adverts, lawsuits and interviews in an attempt to salvage his image after the documentary's screening.

The documentary Leaving Neverland has left Michael Jackson's legacy in jeopardy.

"She was in a movie past year but believes the documentary is already scaring directors away because the abuse her father is accused of may put movie goers off her".

Michael is not here to defend himself, otherwise these allegations would not have been made'.

Michael Jackson, who first shot to fame as the child star of family band the Jackson 5, had a profound impact on popular American music. "As we have said, we consider each piece of music on its merits and decisions on what we play on different networks are always made with relevant audiences and context in mind", the spokesman stated. In 2003, Jackson was charged with seven counts of child molestation for allegations from a cancer-stricken boy invited to the star's home.

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